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Evonem is your expert partner when working on scalable environments in leading technologies. Our dedication towards your workflow optimization is key to our success.
Evonem LLC is one of the most effective companies in providing I.T. infrastructure and end to end solutions on various platform. Blending I.T expertise with business acumen, Evonem believes in going beyond the role of a mere solution provider to its clientele Evonem uses technology as a means to empower customers by providing them with user-friendly solutions that enhance their productivity.
Evonem provides professional services to corporates and enterprises based in USA, Germany and UK, but with branches all over the world. We operate in Telecommunications, Energetics, Banking & Finance, and Education industries.
"Grow from within" is the principle that drives innovation and recruitment at Evonem. Through our Ex-Cite Academy that provides professional trainings in Scrum and AWS, and through our Professional Career Development Programme, we aim to carefully select talented individuals and onboard them to their Cloud & DevOps journey with the assistance of our Senior Engineers.

Meet the team


Milot Hoxha

CEO & Founder


Jon Krasniqi

COO & VP of Engineering


Blerta Hoti

HR & Project Management Director


Lekë Sadiku

VP of Business Development


Lulzim Guhelli

PR, Marketing & EX-CITE Academy Manager

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