Above & Beyond

Evonem LLC is one of the most effective companies in providing I.T. infrastructure and end to end solutions on various platforms. Blending I.T expertise with business acumen, Evonem believes in going beyond the role of a mere solution provider to its clientele. Evonem uses technology as a means to empower customers by providing them with user-friendly solutions that enhance their productivity.

With Evonem, you can get software based solutions for networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers, content management, e-security, and a host of other solutions including storage and backup management from one place itself and also features patching up different vendors or integrators.

High Level Support

Whether our clients are a small and medium enterprise or a large corporate customer with nationwide networks, we understand that a high level of support is required at both pre-sales and post-sales levels which you can access through our certified engineers. You can be assured of a quality. We aim for Simplicity when solving problems. At Evonem we have envisioned a goal of becoming a major player in the field by providing high quality services to our clientele. You can be assured of getting a decent.